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마케팅 컨설턴트

Trium House Co., Ltd. was established for the purpose of international medical tourism.

By providing Korea's excellent medical infrastructure, beautiful natural environment, splendid urban landscape, and comfortable shelter.

We provide services that not only cure customers' diseases, but also joyful recreation and leisure.

Towards joyful and prosperous life free from disease!

We think of the comfort of clients as our family’s comfort and health,

and we will always treat customers with the same heart.

Thank you.


광고대행사 PPL

Exported to 20 countries around the world






  • Separation from the entity

  • ​Trium House corporation establishment

  • Hallyu Celebrities & Drama PPL Marketing

  • Thailand ‘The Mall Group’ and Hallyu Drama PPL exhibition

  • Thailand ‘The Mall Group’ Department Store VIP Customer Medical Center Benefit Marketing

  • Kyrgyzstan conducted public-private agreements in medical tourism field

  • CSI Global Partner Agreement

  • Started drama PPL business

  • Korean Medical Consultation Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  • Medical interpretation / translation / marketing alliance with Mongolian Korean Language Institute

  • Interview with influencer of Korea Medical Tour in Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan influencer makeover model and local marketing PR staff (eye surgery / lift surgery / health checkup / facial fat transplant)

  • After-surgery partner hospitals in Thailand / Kazakhstan, etc.

  • Started medical marketing in CIS, Europe, Middle East (medical device sales in progress)

  • Started sales of medical devices to 20 overseas countries



  • THAILAND PNG group partnership agreement

  • ONE-CIAM Online Channel Sourcing

  • Start Naver Live Shopping

  • Started exporting to Thailand

  • Export of automotive outer parts

  • Started OEM skin booster production and export

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